Two Wesleyan Employees Fired for Alleged Voyeriusm

Two Wesleyan public safety officers have been fired and are being investigated by police after allegedly viewing and recording a female student in her residence. It is not clear whether the victim lives on or off campus.

In a written statement, the university said that upon learning of the "illicit activity," the two officers were immediately terminated.

"The violation of a student's private life by those charged with protecting our students is an intolerable breach of trust," the university said the statement.

University officials also said that the two former employees are cooperating with police.

Police and staff from the university's student affairs office have been in contact with the victim and are offering their support.

The investigation comes months after a man accused of videotaping women in a bathroom in the campus library was arrested.

The university reminds students that there are resources available to them at the Health Services offices and online.

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