UConn French Students Cope With Paris Attacks

French students at the University of Connecticut are trying to cope with the Paris attacks from thousands of miles away.

UConn student Youssouf Bellamy said it wasn't until today that he got word from his extended family members living in Paris that they are all OK.

He said he's been beyond worried.

"People that I work with have been absolutely supportive in terms of just how I'm actually dealing and coping with the events," Bellamy said.

Rachid Kamal, a UConn exchange student, lives near Versailles. The city is about 30 minutes away from where the attacks took place in Paris.

"I feel that I was far from home. You know like feeling useless. I'm married and have 2 kids and my wife is in Des Reaux, but she's safe and everything is fine," said Kamal.

While Kamal and Bellamy's families are all safe, the situation hasn't been easy to deal with.

"I grow up in very peaceful Islam. And I remained like silent for 30 minutes. And thought no way," said Kamal.

Despite what Kamal's family and country are dealing with, he knows France will get through this.

"I'm still proud to be French and we have to carry on," said Kamal.

Both Kamal and Bellamy say they're keeping in touch with the family by phone.

"And I will do my best to continue to support my family and everyone who is affected," said Kamal.

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