UConn Health Hosts “Box-A-Thon” Event For Clean Air

UConn Health will host a box-a-thon event on Saturday in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Saturday, UConn Health nurses and students from the School of Nursing and Medicine will assemble 100 portable indoor air filters to distribute.

The devices will be donated to nearby public elementary schools and local homeless shelters to improve their air quality.

“Ventilation and air filtration are critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19, as part of a layered mitigation approach,” said Marina Creed, APRN, of UConn Health’s Multiple Sclerosis. “My hope is that we can help make schools one of the safest places in the community, and by extension, better protect my patients, many of whom are immunocompromised.”

The devices, based on the “Corsi-Rosenthal Box” is a do-it-yourself box created by inexpensive materials and can filter 90% of COVID particles, in addition to other viruses according to a press release.

If successful, UConn Health plans to expand their box-a-thon program to more community centers and public schools across the state.

The event will run from 1-4 p.m. this Saturday at the UConn Health Academic Rotunda.