UConn Fraternity, Sorority Suspended After Hazing Allegations

The University of Connecticut has temporarily suspended the sorority and fraternity connected to an alleged hazing incident that occurred last week, according to a university spokesperson.

The university Office of Community Standards has barred both organizations from activities and events while school officials investigate the allegations.

"This isn't a sanction, but is a preliminary step in the process of determining the facts and what violations the groups may have committed, if any," said UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz.

It comes just days after a UConn student and member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority said she was forced into a night of heavy drinking last Thursday and ended up in the hospital.

The alleged incident happened March 6 at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon off-campus fraternity house on Route 195, according to the university.

UConn sophomore Hillary Holt said that when she woke up in a hospital bed, she found out her blood alcohol level had reached nearly three times over .08, the legal limit to drive.

"I could have been dead this morning if I did not end up at the hospital," said Holt.

Holt said she was led into a room in the fraternity house and reportedly saw three girls blindfolded.

"It went from a happy moment to very scary in a matter of seconds," said Holt. "I knew as soon as I entered the room I was going to be hazed."

Holt accuses members of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon of forcing her and other girls to drink.

"We had to lay on the floor and sizzle like bacon, hold our ankles, jump up and down," said Holt. "If we did it right, we had to drink. If we did it wrong, we had to drink."

Holt says she was afraid what would happen to her if she tried to get away and eventually blacked out.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the local Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter but did not hear back. The national organization told us they are investigating and that the organization does not condone hazing and takes these allegations very seriously.

We went to the fraternity where the incident allegedly took place but no one wanted to talk.

In a statement the university said, "UConn is aware of these serious allegations and has started an internal investigation to determine whether any student or students may have violated the university's Code of Conduct."

Since the incident allegedly took place off campus, State Police are also investigating.

"People need to be aware that it can happen to you because I was one of those girls who didn't think it would happen," said Holt.

Holt's family is hiring an attorney and they say they'll more than likely file a lawsuit against the university, the sorority and fraternity.

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