UConn Men's Basketball Team Cheers on Graduates at E.B. Kennelly School

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It was a special graduation day for 8th graders at the E.B. Kennelly School in Hartford. Upon walking into the ceremony, the graduates were greeted by the entire UConn men's basketball team. The Huskies wanted to cheer on the people that are always there to support them on the court.

"Yeah it's always fun seeing the kids, especially after such a hard year, being there to see them smile and be happy," said UConn forward Isaiah Whaley. "It just always reminds you of where you come from and how you were when you were a kid. Just being able to hang out with them and share a moment with them is always special."

"It makes me feel good to know that you're obviously figures in the community and kids look up to you," said UConn guard Tyrese Martin. "I was in their shoes one day but I didn't have these types of events where college athletes will come and visit us and things like that so to be able to do that and give back to the community, it feels great."

The graduates were surprised to see the Huskies and received posters from the players as they walked by.

"Any time we mention UConn, the kids love it so to be able to give them that surprise for their graduation for the end of the year was absolutely amazing," said E.B. Kennelly School Athletic Director Tim Cheever.

After wishing the graduates well, the Huskies returned to campus to work out and continue their offseason program.

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