UConn Reduces Fees for Undergrad Students Learning Online-Only This Fall

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The University of Connecticut announced Tuesday that it will reduce mandatory student fees for full-time undergraduate students at the Storrs campus who will be doing their courses exclusively online this fall and not living in school housing.

The savings will amount to more than $700, school officials said.

Fees are separate from tuition and are used for services that support campus life, including services surrounding student activities, transit, health and wellness services, recreation, arts and athletics, and more. The fee reduction takes into account that students who live at home and take courses all online will not be using services like the bus system, Student Recreation Center and other resources as often, though those services will still be available if they visit campus.

The exact amount of savings will vary based on credit load.

Students should see the changes reflected on their bills as of July 3. The school is still working on graduate fees and will notify those students about changes in the near future.

Colleges and universities across the country have been looking at ways to safely reopen for their fall semesters. UConn is offering a combination of online and in-person classes and will have various new safety protocols for those returning to campus.

For more information on UConn's efforts and a breakdown of the changes in fees, click here.

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