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UConn Releases Coronavirus Testing Strategy for Fall Semester

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The University of Connecticut released its coronavirus testing strategy for the upcoming fall semester.

The university said their approach consists of testing necessary students and employees who return to UConn's campuses.

Officials say there is not a “once-size-fits all” approach and the university will utilize different avenues and strategies.

All students living on campus will move in two weeks before the start of classes to be tested for coronavirus and quarantined. Testing is expected to be arranged during the check-in process.

Commuter students coming to Connecticut from states under the regional travel advisory are asked to obtain a negative test result within the time frame indicated by the governor and the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health, followed by a 14-day quarantine period which must be completed before coming to campus and attending in-person classes, UConn said.

Faculty and staff who will be on one of UConn's campuses will have to be PCR tested which will be available at no cost through UConn Heath. Returning staff should plan for the possibility of a 14-day quarantine if they are returning from out-of-state.

UConn officials say more information on move-in for resident students will be available by Aug. 1.

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