UConn Student Government Wants Cosby's Honorary Degree Revoked

UConn’s student government wants to revoke comedian Bill Cosby’s honorary degree because of the numerous sexual assault allegations against him.

Cosby's honorary degree was given to him in 1996 when he delivered the university’s commencement speech.

UConn's Undergraduate Student Goverment (USG) passed an unanimous proposal to revoke the honorary degree Wednesday.

“Honorary degrees are the university choosing to associate public figures with our school. And I don’t think we should choose to associate someone who’s been accused of over 50 acts of sexual violence,” said Stephen Porcello, the USG Funding Board Chair

Cosby's reputation came crumbling down after more than 50 women accused actor of sexually assaulting them.

Dozens of women came forward with claims of sexual assault, some dating back nearly 50 years. The statutes of limitations in most instances have passed. Cosby has repeatedly denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

It wasn’t until Dec. 2015 when 78-year-old Cosby was charged in Pennsylvania with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. He pleaded not guilty.

USG students said Cosby does not represent their university.

“If UConn has a commitment to survivors of sexual assault we can’t simultaneously say we’re going to honor this man at our university,” Said Haddiyyah Ali, USG's Commuter Senator.

A spokesperson for the university told NBC Connecticut in a statement: “We’re having thoughtful discussions at UConn about the issue, but no decisions have been made so far.”

USG students say they’ve been waiting for a decision since last year. They're asking university administrators for a swift response.

Eight other universities in Connecticut have revoked Cosby’s honorary degrees.

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