UConn Students Face Possible Tuition Hikes

UConn says the increases could come the next 4 years.

University of Connecticut students aren’t thrilled over another proposed tuition increase. It could go up 5 % to 6 % each year, for the next four years if school officials move forward with a new plan to bring in more faculty. 

Anna Burbank just transferred to UConn from an out-of-state school so she could come back home and save some money on tuition. Now she’s worried that plan may backfire, “Money is a huge aspect especially with the economy right now so paying is a challenge for some students,” said Anna Burbank. 

Right now, in-state tuition is $10,670. If the plan goes forward, next year it will cost $11,290 and jump to $13, 346 by 2016.

“I would just hope at some point they would be able to help students out in the long run or throughout the next couple of years so we do the best thing for the education for the school entirely but also help the students that are here,” said UConn Senior Sil Moore.

But university President Susan Herbst says the increase would mean more one-on-one attention for a continually growing student body. Back in 1996, UConn’s student-to-faculty ratio was 14-to-1. Now, it’s 18-to-1. The University’s goal is to bring it down to 15-to-1 by 2015.

Over the next few weeks or months, UConn will make a formal proposal to the board of trustees and they’ll have to vote on any changes to tuition and fees.

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