UConn Students Advocate for Change on Columbus Day

Students at the University of Connecticut in Storrs advocated for change on Columbus Day. The Native American Cultural Programs will host events every day this week to educate their peers on Native Americans. They also started a petition in hopes that the university will recognize Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day in the future. 

“If you think about the catastrophe that happened to indigenous people due to Columbus and colonization in general, it’s really important to get the word out to recognize it’s indigenous peoples day as well,” said Brooke Parmalee, a student from Monroe and descendant of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation. 

In a letter sent to students last week, the Office of the Provost wrote, “As a land grant university and Connecticut’s flagship public institution, we recognize that we share this land and our history with those who have come before us and continue to reside, work and live in our state.” 

The letter went on to acknowledge the history of indigenous people and encourage students to participate in the NACP’s events. 

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