UConn Students Rally Against Hate

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University of Connecticut students held a rally on Monday in an effort to combat hate on campus.

The university's president said there have been several incidents of anti-semitic acts and hateful speech on the Storrs campus.

"Anti-semitism, like all forms of hatred and bigotry, has absolutely no place on UConn’s campuses," a university spokesperson said.

"The university proudly supports all those gathering in solidarity on the Storrs campus today not only to condemn these vile acts but to express the shared values that truly reflect our community," the spokesperson continued.

In two recent cases, swastikas were spraypainted on buildings at the university, including one near the Jewish Center, according to university officials.

University officials said UConn Police and others are actively investigating the incidents. They also said the university has been reaching out to offer support to affected students, employees and organizations, including at UConn Hillel.

Students are now calling for more awareness and education.

“I think a major thing that allows this to keep happening is the lack of education. The more people know about what they’re doing, the less likely it is to happen," President of the UConn Hillel student board, Dori Jacobs, said.

UConn Hillel will welcome a Holocaust survivor and his niece to a zoom event on Tuesday. The public is invited to join in and listen to his stories of survival.

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