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UConn to Raise Tuition and Fees for Students

The changes go into effect on July 1 and they don't effect the five-year tuition plan for fiscal years 2021-25.

NBC Connecticut

The University of Connecticut announced that they're raising tuition and fees for students next semester.

It's a move that will help the university cover the increasing costs of providing services, school officials said.

University officials said they also plan to help students with the costs of class materials and access to overseas study programs.

The Board of Trustees adopted the plan on Wednesday, which includes a $268 increase for Storrs-based mandatory fees that pay for services ranging from health to student activities and transit, and a $364 increase in housing and dining rates, according to the university.

The changes go into effect with the new fiscal year starting July 1, and do not affect the five-year tuition plan adopted in 2019 for fiscal years 2021-25.

The plan also includes two new initiatives to increase students’ ability to participate in study abroad programs and an optional program in which students can pay a flat fee that'll cover all textbooks and course materials for the semester, UConn said.

Effective in the spring of 2023, the study abroad program will move from a fee-based program to a tuition-based model, which will allow students to apply their financial aid and university scholarships toward the cost of participating, according to the university.

Under the current approach, students pay an out-of-pocket fee to study abroad, which can limit access for those with fiscal constraints.

“We want all of our students, regardless of ability to pay, to be able to participate in such programs,” Lloyd Blanchard, UConn’s interim vice president for finance and chief financial officer, said. “It’s very much in keeping with our mission at UConn to provide a cutting-edge education and opportunities for all of our students regardless of their financial circumstances.”

The second initiative also going into effect next year, is known as the Barnes & Noble First-Day Complete Program, where full-time undergraduate students will pay a $285-per-semester fee that guarantees them textbooks and course materials for all of their registered courses. This applies even if the actual cost would have been higher.

The program is optional; students can waive participation and not be charged if they want to buy or rent the materials on their own.

UConn stated that the school will be putting together a list of frequently asked questions which will provide more specifics in the fall semester before the new programs go into effect.

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