UConn Website Shows Where to Find Local, Fresh Seafood Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Fresh oysters on a plate
Judy Benson / Connecticut Sea Grant

UConn is connecting residents with Connecticut aquaculture farmers offering direct sales of fresh shellfish and other products.

The newly created aquaculture sales website was created as part of the response to severe economic impacts of the pandemic on the aquaculture industry by Connecticut Sea Grant, UConn Extension and the state Department of Agriculture, according to UConn.

UConn said in a statement that the website gives growers of oysters, clams, finfish and kelp a means of connecting with customers while restaurants are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the past, the majority of fresh aquaculture products were sold to restaurants.

UConn’s website also includes a link to a state Department of Agriculture website of open farmers markets and farm stands, and a map of their locations.

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