UConn's Engineering School Offers Special Scholarship for Master's Degree

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For students set to graduate college, the job market might be causing concerns. To help, UConn's Engineering School is offering another option with a scholarship.

The scholarship is open to the engineering school's 900 seniors set to graduate in May or August. The scholarship would give students the option of getting a master’s degree for about a third of the price.

Kylene Perras, UConn School of Engineering director of professional education, says for 10 classes it would add up to more than $25,000 in savings.

The scholarship is for students who may not have jobs lined up and who would be going into the program full time. The scholarship would cover one year. Perras says students taking the program full time can finish in a year.

"The students get the opportunity where they get to tackle their degree at one third of the cost, and in addition to that, for the employers who are looking to hire them, if they're not able to hire them right at this point, they are able to hire them at a later date where they have these skills already," said Perras.

Perras says the scholarship is funded by the school of engineering and that they could have up to 100 to 150 students take part.

"We know that the students need the help, and we want to see them get good jobs. So whether it's now or it's six months from now, their success is our success. So that's the driving factor behind this is helping these kids out," said Perras.

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