“UFOs” Spook Greenwichers

Well, it does feel like visiting another planet...

Cops showing up at your party because of noise complaints?  Not so odd.

Cops investigating UFO complaints coming from your neighbors?  That's Greenwich, Conn. for ya.

It was like any other Saturday night in Greenwich, other than the wary residents who apparently feared that aliens were about to attack, Greenwich Time reports.

Some folks in Greenwich saw 30 to 40 glowing orbs in the sky and came to the conclusion that they might have spotted UFOs and called the cops, the Time reports.

Walter Urda, a town resident, told the Time the lights were "intense" and orange, traveling in pairs, and sometimes threesomes.

The people who did not call the cops apparently fueled the mystery by posting discussions on town blogs, the paper reports. Bystanders sent in anonymous pictures.

After getting the calls, two marine officers investigated the possibility of extraterrestrial life descending on their swanky town with instruments you use to look into such things – binoculars.

It soon became clear that there were no little green men on the horizon. The lights were from "genuine oriental sky lanterns" being used at a birthday party, the newspaper reports. Cops described the lanterns as being like mini hot-air balloons.

Unlike some, Urda thought the lights may have been the exhaust of fighter jets moving at a slow pace, or perhaps a strange sort of natural phenomenon, the paper reports.

Along with being of this planet, the lanterns were also legal, cops told the newspaper.  The lights, however, did cause a lot of distress, so officers asked the homeowner to keep the lanterns to a minimum.

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