UHart Students Spend Spring Break Working on Hurricane Relief

Dozens of University of Hartford students will spend spring break helping the survivors of power hurricanes last year.

On Friday the first group boarded a bus bound for Beaumont, Texas.

“I’m very excited to go serve the community,” Greta Ketchner, a UHart freshman, said.

The 33 students will help the community as it recovers from Hurricane Harvey. Their work will include cleanup and preparing damaged homes to be fixed.

“Any way that I can help I thought that would be best for me to do,” Miguel Badillo, a UHart junior, said.

On Monday, a group of a dozen students and staff will take off for Puerto Rico.

That island is still struggling after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

“Our main goal is to purify the water. We’re going to set up purification systems. And we’re going to painting for the community center, clearing up the streets for because there’s like a bunch of broken trees and all that,” Thomas Abusada, a UHart freshman, said.

Both groups will return to campus after about a week at their destinations.

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