Thea Digiammerino

Ukulele-Playing Retired Teacher Greets Students in Newington

Charles Robison is retired, but returns with his ukulele year after year to greet students.

As students in Newington headed back to class, they heard the familiar sound of a ukulele.

Charles Robison is a former teacher who plays the ukulele. He comes back year after year.

“I brought it the first and last day of school,” Robison said. “I uke them in and I uke them out. I’ve always enjoyed that, so, it’s just a tradition.”

He retired nearly two decades ago, and he still never misses a first day of school.

“I’ve had a great life,” said Robison. “Working with kids and working in education has been such fun. As long as I’m able to travel and bring my ukulele with me, I’ll do it.”

He stands at the top of the stairs at Kellogg Middle School and plays.

“It really sets the atmosphere for cheerfulness and happiness,” Robison said.

“The kids love him, the staff loves him, the community loves him,” Jason Lambert, principal of Kellogg Middle School said. “He’s a special part of what makes Martin Kellogg a great place to come and learn.”

His message is simple, like the ukulele.

“You’re going to have a good year,” Robison said. “You’re going to have a ball. You’re going to learn things you didn’t know. Some of them about subjects, but you’re going to learn more about yourself.”

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