Unbrotherly Love Ends in Shooting Arrest

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A Wolcott man is in police custody, accused of shooting his own brother in the leg over an ex-girlfriend.

Neighbors told NBC Connecticut on Tuesday that the two brothers were outside their Wolcott Road home when the older brother, Jason Bedard, 33, pulled a gun and shot his younger brother, James,  in the stomach.

The Courant reports that Jason found out that his 30-year-old brother was dating his ex-girlfriend, the Courant reports. 

"I heard three like loud bags. It was like firecrackers except a little bit louder, and then I saw a truck go real fast and I saw someone fall to the ground," said a boys who was riding his bike down the street at the time. "Five or six people came rushing to his aid, one called the police and the police came."

Jason Bedard took off, but was later caught near the Wolcott-Waterbury line, police said. 

He was in arraigned on Wednesday in Waterbury Superior Court and his bond was set at $800,000, the Hartford Courant reports

Neighbors said the brothers are two nice guys, who seemed to get along. 

"When my mom called me, it took awhile, I was like are you kidding me, what?" said Shannon Dunne, whose parents live next door.

James Bedard was in serious condition at St. Mary's Hospital in Waterbury Wednesday.

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