Thea Digiammerino

Uncle Sam Standing Tall Once Again in Danbury

A 38-foot Uncle Sam statue in Danbury is considered the world's largest statue of the American legend.

Danbury is welcoming back an old friend.

Thursday, members of the community came together for a dedication ceremony to welcome back a big part of their local history, a 38-foot Uncle Sam statue.

“Oh he’s huge, I can’t imagine how big he actually is,” said 10-year-old Jacob.

The Uncle Sam now perched on White Street in front of the Danbury Railway Museum is considered the world’s largest statue of the American legend, at 38 feet tall.

“I think it’s really cool and it’s really, really big,” said 10-year-old Sabrina.

Locals remember his larger than life welcome when they entered the Great Danbury State Fair almost four decades ago.

“With his hand by his side, he saluted he greeted everybody that came into the fair,” remembered Ken Post, a lifelong Danbury resident who worked at fair for 15 years. “Food, all sorts of entertainment. Ice choppers climbing poles chopping wood. It was fantastic.”

The fair began in 1869, took a break during World War II before ending after its 1981 run.

Locals and businesses donated thousands of dollars to bring him back to town.

Now he’s quite the talking point for Danbury residents of all ages.

“It used to be at the Danbury Mall and then some people bought it and now it’s back here which is really cool,” said Sabrina.

Jack Stetson, wrote a book about the statue’s history. “I’m so pleased we’re able to bring back a piece of it in person, if that’s a person.”

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