Manchester Community Colleged Locked Down After Report of a Gun

Police responded to Manchester Community College for a report of a person being spotted with a gun.

A female student reported seeing another student with what she believed to be a gun in his waistband and was concerned enough to call police.

Manchester police went room to room, clearing the campus as they searched for someone matching the description of the individual in question.

Police said the witness described the person as being a heavy-set Hispanic male, about 5'8-5'10, wearing a red short sleeved shirt.

Most students were kept off campus, but some remained locked down inside classrooms for hours. 

Students have been told to stay off campus until further notice.

Classes were canceled for the day and students have been told to leave campus.

The school issued the following alert:

"This is an emergency message from Manchester Community College.  An emergency has been declared on campus.  Do not attempt to gain access to the campus.  An order to shelter-in-place has been issued.  Additional information will be broadcast as soon as it is available."

Police searched the campus and did not locate anyone with a gun.

A Manchester police officer searching buildings on campus was shot in the foot when his weapon accidentally discharged, according to police.  The officer was taken to Hartford Hospital where he was taken into surgery.  Witnesses at the hospital said the officer was holding his leg and was in obvious pain as he was brought into the emergency room.

School officials sent a notice to faculty saying it might take until early evening to wrap up the situation, even after all the buildings are cleared.

Great Path Academy, a Hartford school district magnet school for grades 9 through 12 at the college, was on lockdown, but it has been lifted. 

David Medina, spokesperson for Hartford Public Schools, said the students are safe.

According to a message from Manchester Community College, students can now return to campus and the college will be open normal hours Thursday. 

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