No Reason to Feel Blue at Pink Slip Party

When getting handed a pink-slip, a party is not usually something that comes to mind. But for 250 unemployed Connecticut residents, party they will., who is sponsoring the region's first ever Pink Slip Party at the Black Bear Saloon in South Norwalk on Wednesday, Feb. 25, said that their party is sold out.

“We have 250 people in the same club that no one wants to be apart of,” said David Lewis, CEO of OperationsInc. “We weren’t sure what we’d get, but we’re not surprised though. It’s a mixture of emotions because it’s indicative of how many employers lost jobs.”

OperationsInc, a local HR outsourcing firm, will provide their services for the pink-slip party events. Another Pink Slip Party in the same location has been scheduled for March 24, and a Stamford party is being planned to take place in the coming months.

So what is a Pink Slip Party?

“It’s taking a job-fair and putting it in the context of happy-hour,” said Lewis. “You can find yourself discouraged going to job fairs. This is more of a social setting. There is a therapeutic aspect as well."

Connecticut sure has its share of unemployed -- we've posted major job losses announced this year on a map.

Companies seeking employees and career counselors will also be present at the parties, offering advice, and potentially networking towards a job.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday Feb. 26 for the next South Norwalk party, and cost $9. To attend the Pink Slip Party job seekers must register online.

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