UNH Students to Gain Experience in Police, Fire Departments

Ten students at the University of New Haven will be participating in a new public safety co-op program between the city and the university next semester.

Students will work 35 hours per week taking on jobs in the city's fire department, police department and emergency services.

Matthew Carroll, who is studying fire science at the University of New Haven’s Henry Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science, will be part of the training division at the New Haven Fire Department.

“Coming from a small town, this kind of experience is something that isn’t really realistic for me ever in my life, except for here, working with UNH and working with the city,” said Carroll.

World-renowed forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee said the program will help prepare students for the real-world application of the skills they learn in school.

“Criminal justice is a special field, besides learning in the school for knowledge, you need practical experience,” said Lee.

While the students will be getting some of the biggest benefits, the city says it will benefit, too, with students providing extra hands in places like the Emergency Operations Center.

“Our biggest goal is to teach them all of the items that they’ll need to move forward. The research that they’ll help us do, the risk assessments that we’re looking to have their involvement in,” said New Haven Deputy Director of Emergency Management Rick Fontana.

The program is set to begin in January.

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