‘Unprecedented' Number of Heroin Overdoses in New London

A particularly lethal supply of heroin being sold in New London led to an "unprecedented" number of overdoses in one day, health officials warned.

Eight people were treated for heroin overdoses on Thursday and a ninth has died, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital confirmed.

"We've never seen so many in a 24-hour period," said Dr. Deirdre Cronin, emergency department physician at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital.

Three overdose patients were treated on Wednesday, she said. At least four of the victims are believed to be from New London and one from Waterford.

Cronin said that there is a supply of heroin being sold that's more potent or mixed with another drug. The victims were all addicts using their "regular amount." They described the heroin as brown in color and sold in tied-off plastic sandwich bags with no label. Heroin is typically white.

Charles McKay, associate medical director of the poison control center, said it appears the drug is only being sold in New London.

"We encourage people to reach out for treatment," he said. "This is just another demonstration of how things can go bad."

Cronin said city police have been working to figure out who's selling the drug and where it's being sold.

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