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Apps can make life easier and more fun but they can also overwhelm you with distractions. Use these tips to streamline your digital world while enjoying the best it has to offer.

Limit notifications
If constant interruptions keep you from being fully present and productive, you're not alone. Notifications prompt us to check our phones an average of 150 times per day. To take control of these interruptions, go to Settings on your phone, take an objective look at what you're set up to receive and switch some or all of them to "off." This turns looking at notifications into a conscious choice, not an unwanted intrusion.

Take control of WiFi
It's not easy to limit your own WiFi usage, let alone monitor when and how often your network is being accessed by other devices. Xfinity's Xfi app helps you achieve digital balance by allowing you to manage your WiFi network from wherever you are as long as you have Xfinity’s compatible gateway. Schedule bedtimes and set online time-limits for your kids, pause their WiFi during windows like dinnertime, get alerts when new devices connect, check individual device usage and more.

Reorganize your screen
Social media can be especially hard to resist when it's prominently displayed on your phone. Set up a folder on your second screen and shift the apps that distract you the most into it. That way, you'll decide when you check these and not the other way around. 

Optimize downtime
Whenever you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, use the Xfinity My Account app to take care of tasks that would otherwise take up valuable free time. View and pay your bill, check for service outages, manage appointments troubleshoot devices and update your account—all whenever and wherever you want.

Entertain yourself
Wouldn't it be great if you could find exactly what you want to watch, then watch it from wherever you are? With Xfinity Stream, you can! Access all your channels on any device at home, enjoy top networks and live sports on the go and view thousands of On Demand movies and download shows from your DVR right to your phone. 

Xfinity apps can be found in your wireless provider’s app store or download them now to get the most value and the best experience from your Xfinity services. Click here for information or visit the Xfinity Store nearest you.

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