Uzis, Drugs, Suspects Rounded Up in Raids

19 illegal Uzis, shotguns, and automatic weapons are off the streets of Hartford after 3 early morning raids.

Hartford Police seized the weapons in a busts made this morning at homes on Adam St., Albany Ave, and Wethersfield Ave.  So far 16 arrest warrants have been served and 10 arrests made in "Operation Slide Lock".  Police say their investigation has been ongoing since April.

Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts expects even more arrests.  "This is a continuing operation still ongoing.  There's some more things to come out of this, but I'm pleased with the job these guys did because it showed they were serious about getting firearms off the street."

Chief Roberts says the raids were successful because they happened in the early morning hours, when the suspects were still in bed.

In addition to the discovery of the weapons, police say they also seized 36 grams of crack cocaine and marijuana.  The suspects each face various weapons and drug charges.

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