Vandals Tampering With Holiday Decorations in Newington

Newington homeowners are brightening their neighborhoods with holiday light displays, but they said someone is trying to keep the lights off.

"It's been really kind of a sad thing," said Josie Moore.

Moore noticed her display knocked over and two wires cut. She said it happened on Sunday night. She was able to get it fixed and the lights back on but quickly realized she wasn't alone.

Alton Deprey said someone cut his lights twice. He said the first time it happened Sunday night and the second time it happened Tuesday night.

Deprey said last year his display was vandalized three times; the lights were cut twice and another time his inflatables were popped.

"We heard the pop, so that's when we knew right away. We came out, and we saw them running down the street. So we knew they were a group of kids," Deprey said.

Deprey said his 8-year-old loves to see the bright lights but that he can't keep paying to replace what's ruined.

Moore said the neighborhood is on alert and she's not going to let anyone ruin her holiday tradition.

"We do it every year no matter what and still will do it. They won't bring us down because of that, and we'll continue to celebrate the season with lights because that's a big part of it for us," Moore said.

In response to the vandalism, some neighbors have installed or are installing cameras.

Newington police said they are investigating and stepping up patrols in the area.

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