Vernon, Ellington, Stafford Awarded State Grant for Crumbling Foundations Testing

Multiple towns have been awarded a grant by the Connecticut Department of Housing to help homeowners with crumbling foundations test them for pyrrhotite.

The Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) said Vernon, Ellington and Stafford were given a grant totaling $480,000 to help with the testing. The money will provide eligible property owners up to $5,000 to test their foundations with no upfront or out of pocket costs.

"The use of the money to test crumbling foundations in the municpalities of Vernon, Ellington and Stafford, often considered ground zero for crumbling foundations, is a welcome commitment. DOH intends to continue to work collaboratively with these municipalities in order to find a solution to an issue that affects one-third of our state," said Connecticut Department of Housing Commissioner Seila Mosquera-Bruno in a statement.

Vernon, Ellington and Stafford are among the towns hardest hit by crumbling foundations, officials said. Town leaders held a joint public hearing in August to gather input from the public that helped to form this grant application.

The program funded by this grant award will primarily benefit low-moderate income households, according to officials.

Information on how to apply for the testing program can be found at the Social Services Department in each town.

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