Very Warm, Unsettled Leading Into Christmas

No white Christmas for Connecticut

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Record high temperatures are likely to fall in Connecticut leading up to Christmas. That includes high minimums (usually the morning temperature) and high maximums (usually the afternoon temperature).

Given that it's December and not July, there's a trade-off.

With an active storm track nearby, an abundance of clouds is expected and periodic showers will make things damp every now and then.

Widespread showers are expected tomorrow, though it will be warmer with temperatures well into the 50s.

Wednesday likely starts dry, but the most organized batch of rain this week moves through in the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will be in the upper 50s.

Christmas Eve will be cloudy, with perhaps a lone shower. Temperatures will likely break records. Highs are forecast to be in the upper 60s, though with breaks of sunshine, 70 degrees is not out of reach.

Christmas Day looks dry with lots of sunshine. Temperatures won't be as high as the previous day though they will still be way above average, in the lower 60s.

Record high temperatures in the Hartford area Tuesday through Friday, respectively, are 64, 61, 59, and 64.

Record high temperatures in the Bridgeport area Tuesday through Friday, respectively, are 60, 60, 57, and 59.

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