Veterans Nonprofit in Chaplin Fundraising to Save Property

The Veterans Base Camp has to raise $60,000 by the end of the month in order to purchase their property. If not, it goes up for sale.

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The Veterans Base Camp in Chaplin is in danger of losing its home. The nonprofit, which is entirely run by volunteers, is raising funds to save the camp.

"There's a lot of people that need this place," said David Guy, a veteran who moved to the camp in March.

Veterans Base Camp runs a transitional housing program with wrap-around services. Nine veterans currently live at the camp and minister to each other while also receiving outside support.

The camp has a garden, farm animals, trails, access to mental health care, along with other services.

"We take a holistic approach," said Archibald, who is also a licensed clinical social worker. "It is a place to land and have time to regroup and re-strategize what they are going to do to reach the goals that they might have."

The Base Camp also has a food pantry that helps veterans in the community and their families.

The Veterans Base Camp has the opportunity to purchase its property. To make it happen, they need to raise $60,000 by the end of April. If they can't, the 43-acre property in Chaplin will go up for sale.

"If we can't purchase it, we are going to have to find some other alternative way to continue to provide this service," said Cindy Archibald, executive director of the camp. "Veterans Base Camp is not going to disappear as a nonprofit. Where and how we provide the services will."

A lot of services are offered at the property, which would make it challenging to relocate, Archibald said.

"It's very, very unique. There's really no other place like it," said Dwayne Gardner, a veteran who has lived at the Base Camp for more than a year. He also helps lead the camp.

Veteran Russ Johndrow moved to the Base Camp three years ago. He now runs the food pantry at the camp and said that his life has been changed since moving there.

"There's nine veterans here that really need to be here," said Johndrow.

To learn more about the Veterans Base Camp's efforts to buy their property, click here.

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