“Vibes” Visitors to Feel the Heat

Festival organizers are preparing to cool off concert-goers.

gathering of the vibes_fixed
NBC Connecticut

Tens of thousands are expected to arrive in Bridgeport Thursday for the Gathering of the Vibes festival.

More than 40 bands are scheduled to take the stage at Seaside Park, and while there's no rain in the forecast, the heat will pose a big challenge for the event's organizers. A lot of the calls to the Vibes' hotline are about the weather.

"Most of them were about tickets, but the second most frequently asked question was 'what about the weather? What are you going to do for us in terms of water and how much water?'" said Ken Hays, the owner of the Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival.

Hays says the festival is prepared to handle the heat and keep those visiting the park cool and hydrated.

"We've ordered up our fifth now 53-foot trailer filled with ice, more tractor trailers filled with water," said Hays.

The festival starts Thursday at Seaside Park and runs through Sunday.

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