Violin Dealer Arrested for Larceny

A violin dealer, who operates a shop out of Guilford, is being investigated for larceny charges after police say they received several complaints from his customers.

63-year-old Charles Magby, owner of Charles Magby Fine Violins Ltd., turned himself into police Friday after he was notified there was a warrant for his arrest.

Authorities said,  Magby's customers stated the shop owner was offering to sell high-end customs instruments on consignment, but failed to provide the funds from the sale, or return the consigned item if it was not sold.

Police said Magby operates his business both nationally and internationally. He offers consignment sales, repairs and restorations on new and antique violins, cello's and bows, according to  his website. 

The instruments ranged in value from $3,000 to in excess of $100,000, said police.

Police said there is several active investigations regarding Magby and his business. Magby is charged with larceny in the first-degree and was released on $50,000 bond.

He is scheduled to appear in New Haven Superior Court on Sept. 3rd.

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