Viral Facebook ‘Warning' is a Hoax: Expert

A "warning" circulating on Facebook may be the actual problem.

Experts say a message advising users not to accept a request from a “hacker” named “Jayden K. Smith,” is a hoax.

“It’s really a viral message that is being propagated over messenger and other mechanisms,” said Brian Kelly , Quinnipiac University’s Chief Information Security Officer.

According to Kelly, the message, says the “Jayden K. Smith” account is trying to connect to the user and the accounts of all its contacts.

“The language is sort of suspect,” says Kelly. “It says something along the lines he is a hacker and he is connected to your system, so the linguistics should tell you this is sort of a hoax or a chain letter.”

Kelly says while the message itself does not pose a risk, spreading false information from people you don't know can be dangerous.

“The risk is inherently connecting to people you don’t know on Facebook,” he said.

If you receive such a message, Kelly recommends deleting it. Facebook also allows users to report content and requests right on the site. Anyone with a Facebook account is also advised to be mindful of the information you share and your privacy settings.

“The more information you put out there, the more attractive it is to bad guys.”

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