Volcano Strands Band Students


Parents of Greenwich High School band members will have to wait a little longer to see their kids return home from Greece.

A group of 190 students flew to Greece on April 8 to take part in a series of concerts, but travel problems from the volcanic eruption in Iceland put a dent in their plans to fly back to Connecticut, The Greenwich Time reports. Now, the musicians, parents and chaperones are all stranded.

Some students are expected to get out Monday because their nonstop flight from Athens to New York was given the all clear. However, dozens of others with connecting flights in Germany aren't so lucky. Their flights have already been canceled because of the dangers posed by the ash plume.

"Our kids are safe and in good hands and we are in constant contact with them," Sidney Freund, Superintendent of Schools, told the Greenwich Time.

The Greenwich students are part of the symphony, jazz, winds and concert bands. As they try to return home, school officials are holding study sessions to ensure that they don’t fall behind on their classwork.

Over the weekend, several airlines safety tested the skies with a few flights but the prospects for normal travel are far from definite.

Authorities in Germany say their air space remains closed. The European Union has said that if the skies continue to clear, air traffic could return to about 50 percent of normal Monday.

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