Meals on Wheels Volunteers Make Sure Clients Are Beating the Heat

Temperature are going to feel like triple digits this weekend.

Friday’s stifling heat did not stop Community Renewal Team’s Meals on Wheels drivers, like Betty Woods, from making sure their clients are prepared for the weekend.

Woods said with 35 stops, beating the heat is a challenge.

“The trucks are air conditioned. They provide us with water. We have water in our trucks and we take breaks.”

Woods was not worried about herself but the seniors she has been delivering meals to for a few years.

“On a week like this when it’s going to be very hot every day, gotta make sure they’re comfortable for more than just a day.”

The Community Renewal Team said while its drivers delivered 5,000 meals on Friday, they also did wellness checks ahead of this weekend’s scorching temperatures.

“We’re not allowed to leave the meals on doorsteps, bags or anything or coolers,” explained Gladys Rivera, the program manager for Meals on Wheels. “They are responsible for making sure that the client opens the door or caretaker opens the door, family member and that they hand deliver the meal and make sure that the client is doing well.”

Something Woods said is a vital part of her job.

“Make sure that they have water, fluids, fan is running or the ac is running.”

Woods said if she has concerns about a client, she will report those to the program manager who will reach out to a family member.

“It’s not just food that you’re delivering. You’re delivering comfort you’re delivering security. It’s a good relationship. I really enjoy the people I deliver to.”

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