John Alston

Wall Collapses at Building Under Construction in New Haven

Fire crews were called in after a partial building collapse in New Haven Wednesday evening.

Fire officials said crews were called to the building on State Street at 6:20 p.m. Chief John Alston said the building was under construction and some partially finished wall on the third floors disconnected. The workers had already gone home for the day and no one was hurt.

It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the collapse.

“It’s under investigation. We know we have winds. We know we got higher winds coming this evening,” Alston said.

The pieces that fell from the building were caught behind a fence that kept anything from falling into the road. The building department will do an assessment to determine any safety concerns. Alston said it was lucky no one was hurt.

“Think about this two hours earlier with people walking by. It was a beautiful day today. We have some concerns,” he said.

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