Wallingford Church, Gas Station Temporarily Scale Back Prices at the Pump

Drivers enjoyed reduced prices at a new gas station in Wallingford.

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New Life Church teamed up with a gas station in Wallingford to help ease the pain at the pump, rolling back prices to the three-dollar mark.

"We're selling regular gasoline and we're taking one full dollar off the price and limiting it to 15 gallons per customer," said Will Marotti, senior pastor at New Life Church.

Though a more favorable price, those numbers were around for only a short time Saturday at the newly-opened Teddy's Stores.

New Life Church sponsored Saturday's gas rollback. Volunteers held signs, washed windows and pumped drivers' gas.

"I'm struggling and we know people are struggling and so we always look for ways to meet the needs of the community," Marotti said.

Drivers took advantage of the opportunity, some getting a near-full tank of gas at a reduced price. Those who came in emphasized the challenges they have faced due to soaring gas prices.

Most say they're staying home more often or finding alternative modes of transportation.

"I only work part-time so it's hard. Only going where I have to," said Wendy Ivan of Meriden.

One woman made an impromptu stop after seeing the discount.

"Prices have put a crunch in vacationing. Groceries and the prices of everything going up higher, it just makes life so hard," said Nicole Lafave of Meriden.

While it didn't fill up her tank completely, she said a little help still goes a long way.

Fifteen gallons worth of regular gas at the original price would have cost about $70. Whether drivers used cash or credit, the discount brought the new total to around $50.

Statewide, Connecticut is seeing a slight break at the pump. According to AAA, the average price has decreased by almost 30 cents since June. It has even gone down a few cents since Friday.

When asked what prices will look like going forward, the owner of Teddy's Stores said it's unclear. But the low prices were highly welcomed Saturday.

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