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Wallingford Nursing Home Lifts Some Restrictions for Nursing Home Visits

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It was March 13, 2020, when the state of Connecticut started restricting nursing home visits, but those restrictions are starting to lift at Masonicare Health in Wallingford.

“They can’t come in to see me and there’s no way of us communicating together unless I have a little box thing that my son can talk to me back and forth,” one resident said.

“We’ve had 14,000 virtual visits through video,” JP Venoit, Masonicare president and CEO said.

Venoit says his facility has had 7,000 window visits as well but nothing like the comfort of seeing loved ones up close in person.

“I can’t explain it much more than my heart melts in such a positive way knowing that we’re doing this,” Venoit said.

Venoit says the facility is now scheduling half-hour, socially-distanced and masked visits for residents and their families. The building had to have zero COVID cases for two weeks straight to allow the visitations.

“It’s very stressful not only on the kids but on the parents,” Rob Post said.

Post was able to see his mother in person for the first time in nearly a year.

“She’s been here since May and we really haven’t been able to see her because every time we had an appointment they close the hospital,” Post said.

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