Wallingford's Last Day of School, Graduation To Remain As Scheduled

The district has missed more days than planned for between snowstorms in the winter and the recent severe weather

Wallingford’s Board of Education has voted to keep the end of the school year and graduation as scheduled, despite missing multiple days for snowstorms in the winter and again following storm damage when severe storms hit Connecticut.

Students in Wallingford’s Public School District went back to school Monday after missing three days last week because of the severe storm damage.

The district already had 183 school days built into the school year, three more than the state requires, according to Superintendent Salvatore Menzo. The school board voted unanimously to forgive the three days and keep the end of the school year and graduation on the planned date, June 22.

The superintendent also recommended and the board accepted adding language that says that should there be more unexpected weather or other unanticipated circumstances that lead to more missed days between now and the end of the school, the district will have to add additional days to the year because they would then fall under the state required 180 days.

As life for students in Wallingford started to return to normal, many parents and homeowners were still cleaning up the mess mother nature left behind, including downed trees, utility lines, and damage to their homes and cars.

Other school districts such as Brookfield, Oxford, New Fairfield and Newtown were still closed Monday.

The superintendent of Brookfield Public Schools said he requested a waiver through the Connecticut Department of Education that would exclude the district from the required 180 school days.

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