Walmart in Derby to Close

A Walmart store in Derby is expected to close this year, a spokesperson confirms.

The store at 656 New Haven Avenue is slated to close on Jul. 29, Philip Keene with Walmart told NBC Connecticut. This location has about 150 employees. 

“It’s kind of sprung on them. People have built their careers around WalMart here and it’s kind of sad for them," a shopper Kylee Germain of Derby told NBC Connecticut.

The decision was made to close the location after analyzing a "variety of factors," Keene said. 

According to Keene, the company is focused on transferring employees to one of the three Walmart stores within a 10 mile radius of Derby. The company is hopeful no one will be losing their jobs.

Keene said this is an isolated decision unrelated to the consolidation announcement back in January. Walmart does not anticipate more closures in the area.

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