Want to Buy an Airport?

To help fill a projected financial hole, some Republican state leaders have suggested putting a “for sale” sign on Bradley Airport.

However, during a breakfast meeting at the Marriott in Windsor Locks Tuesday, many business leaders said the state should keep its biggest airport.
The airport, officials said, is a boon to the area and provides its own economic stimulus of $4 billion per year to the area.

According to estimates, it could be sold for $1 billion, but State Senator L. Scott Frantz said that's not likely.

"Well, primarily right now it would be the worst time to sell any asset.  Frankly the price we could fetch in the marketplace today would be minimal," he said.
It's not unusual for a state to consider selling or leasing a bridge, highway or airport.

Chicago leased Midway Airport to a private owner last year for more than $2 billion.

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