Pay Up to Light Up

It now costs 62 cents more to buy a pack of cigarettes

If you buy cigarettes in Connecticut, it's going to cost you between $6 and $7 per pack.

A new federal tax increase of 62 cents brings federal taxes to $1.01 per pack. The state cigarette tax, of $2, is one of the highest in the country, so that's more than $3 for butts. 

While our rates are pretty high compared to several states, Connecticut pays some of the lowest butt taxes in the Northeast. 

In Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, taxes add more than $3.50 to a pack of smokes.

Looking for a deal? Head to Mississippi or Missouri. They have the lowest taxes at just about $1.15 a pack. Of course, gas or airfare will raise the per-pack prize by quite a bit.

Don't smoke cigarettes?  Don't think your getting off easy. The tax applies to all tobacco, including cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco.

Many smokers said the price hike is giving them incentive to quit, but others said it's just another hit to their wallets in an already tough economy. 

The tax has some business owners worried that they're going to lose business in the end.

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