Third Warmest Election Day on Record

Nov. 2, 1982 saw temperatures surge to 80 degrees

Election Day 2015 will go into the record books as a warm one. Third warmest on record, to be exact. The temperature at Bradley International hit 76 degrees at 2:47 p.m.

That makes this year's Election Day the warmest in 33 years.

Nov. 2, 1982 saw temperatures hit 80 degrees in the Hartford area, and that's the record warmest Election Day in 110 years of record-keeping.

The last time a 70 degree reading was reached on Election Day was 1999.

Warmest Election Days (since 1905 in the Hartford area)

  • 80 degrees on Nov. 2, 1982
  • 77 degrees on Nov. 4, 1975
  • 76 degrees on Nov. 3, 2015

On average, the high temperature in early November is 57 degrees in the Hartford area.

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