Warming Weather Means Good News for Green Thumbs

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Mother’s Day is typically a staple weekend for people to begin their gardening but Mother Nature has not been cooperating this year.

"With the weather it's been difficult," says Jessica Duncan, manager of Warner Nursery and Garden Center.

But thankfully warmer weather is on the way and people are gearing up to garden.

“Now I gotta get home and get to work to plant everything," says Simsbury resident Deborah Franco. "And the weather's great so it’s a good thing.”

But with a few more cool nights in the forecast, we’re not completely in the clear.

"The temperatures have been so cold at night that we've been having to bring in most of the vegetables and the annuals into the building or into a heated greenhouse," explains Duncan.

With temperatures lower than around 40 degrees, you want to cover up your sensitive plants with a tarp, sheet or even newspaper to trap in the heat and prevent frost.  

And while some vegetables can handle the cooler temperatures, other summer favorites need it to be a little warmer.

"The cool weather things like lettuces, cabbage, kale is a big one, onions, the cool weather stuff is doing really well right now," explains Duncan. "And people are really wanting to do tomatoes and peppers that's something that you want to hold off just a little bit.”

And amid all of the changes brought on by COVID19, there is a silver lining.

"With the circumstances right now people are really getting into gardening and gardening with their children and that's really exciting," says Duncan. "It's great to have customers who don't normally come in."

“I have to admit my yard is looking way better than normal spending a lot more time outside which is good," says Franco.

Like many nursery’s Warner Nursery and Garden Center is allowing customers to visit the outdoor portion of the nursery, asking that people do wear masks, but they’re also offering contact-less curbside pick up.

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