WATCH: Mystic Aquarium Releases Seal Found in Waterford After Months of Rehab

Mystic Aquarium

A seal that was found stranded in Waterford was treated at Mystic Aquarium and is now being released a couple of months later.

Aquarium officials said the seal, known as Harper, which was treated at their Animal Rescue Clinic, had swum up the Niantic River and was found stranded next to a stream in a private backyard.

The rescue team that found Harper said she was severely malnourished with a case of pneumonia and some superficial wounds.

She was about 4 months old when she was found, weighing 53 pounds. Now, two months later, she weighs about 90 pounds.

You can see Harper being released in the video below.

The aquarium said Harper has undergone an individualized treatment plan which included fluid therapy, antibiotics and supportive care.

"The release was a result of the dedication and collaborative efforts of the public, Mystic Aquarium's Rescue Program staff, and our fantastic group of first responders and volunteers," Mystic Aquarium said on Facebook.

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