Water Main Break in Bristol Repaired

A water main broke on Farmington Avenue in Bristol and it has been repaired.

The Bristol Water Department posted on its Facebook page that crews located the source of the break, repaired the leak and said they were turning the water back on to the area.

The department addressed recent water mains breaks and said they typically occur in the winter months when the ground freezes and moves, but high flows throughout the summer can also put stress on the mains. During times of high demand, water hammer can occur and can cause water mains to break, according to the department.

“Although we have had a few breaks in the past week, we would like to assure our customers that our water system is in very good condition. Like all water companies, we will always have water main breaks, but with our hard working, dedicated and experienced staff, we will always work to reduce customer outages,” the department’s Facebook post says.

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