MDC Impostor Reported in West Hartford

This water warning for you that has nothing to do with what’s in it. Police say someone could be posing as a water company employee and this is the time of year to be on the lookout for such scams.

“Tis the season for all sorts of things and one of those things is the yearly summertime scams. These range from driveway scams to roofing scams to the utility scams,” said Lt. Stephen Estes, of West Hartford Police.

Police say a man claiming to be a Metropolitan District worker tried to break into a West Hartford home. The homeowner was away at the time, but fortunately the landscaper saw the whole thing. No one has been arrested.

“These guys are quick and really know how to size up a home and develop a plan,” Estes said.

West Hartford residents say news of an impostor is unnerving.

“Times have really changed. It used to be that the gas guys had keys to your home and would just let themselves in. Nowadays, I think it’s very suspect whoever come to your home,” a West Hartford resident said.

The MDC is asking customers to always follow a few simple tips. Look for a uniform and a marked car. Then, make sure you see some form of identification. If you’re still not sure, call the company or call police.

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