Waterbury Considers Fireworks at Holy Land

Officials in Waterbury are considering moving this year's Fourth of July fireworks display from the traditional site above Municipal Stadium to Holy Land USA, a hilltop visible from much of the city.

"It could be good, because anybody who goes to the highway can see the fireworks. It’d be nice to see the cross. I think it’d be beautiful," said Willie Dilday.

Above Municipal Stadium is where Waterbury looked for fireworks on the last Fourth of July, and many people did their looking from the Bunker Hill neighborhood.

But that cross is exactly why Jim Jemele says there should be no fireworks show above Holy Land.

"I think that's out of the question. I don't think any fireworks should be at Holy Land. It's a holy spot. Fireworks don't belong there, OK? They belong at the stadium," he said.

It shouldn’t be hard for Mayor Neil O’Leary to win permission from Holy Land to set up the launchers there. He’s part of the nonprofit group that bought the hilltop two years ago.

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