Waterbury Family Displaced Over Bat Infestation

Felicita Pagan and Julio Herrera hoped 28 Greenmount Terrace would be the perfect home for their growing family, until they learned another family had already settled in.

“We’re now displaced as a result of an infestation of bats in our attic,” Pagan said.

The couple said they spotted bats before, but it wasn’t until early August the situation turned serious. According to Pagan, her 15-month-old daughter, Gabriella, was bitten by a bat while she was sleeping in her play pen.

“We realized she had red marks and was bleeding on her head," said Pagan.

The entire family was forced to undergo rabies shots while Felicita was 9 months pregnant. Now with an 8 day old son, the pair said they are too scared to move back in.

“It is hard for me,” said Herrera. “I’ve never been through anything like this and it hurts me more because of my children.”

Herrera said he signed off when the landlord returned their security deposit and offered twelve hundred dollars to put towards a new place. Now, Herrera said the money won’t cover the cost of mounting medical bills or the items damaged by the bats still in the apartment that they are afraid to retrieve.

“I go in there is one hanging on one curtain another hanging on another curtain they not little they big,” said Herrera.

The couple fears the problem may never be fully exterminated. They said they don’t know where they will go moving forward, but say they are never moving back.

“There is no way I’m bringing my family back into this home,” said Herrera.

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