Waterbury Daycare Submits to Voluntarily Surrender License

The Waterbury daycare where a 3-year-old's arm was broken by an employee has submitted to voluntarily surrender its license, according to the Office of Early Childhood. 

On Thursday, police arrested a daycare worker at Kids Town in Waterbury who is accused of dragging a 3-year-old child in her care and breaking the child’s arm. 

According to police, the incident was recorded on videotape and the daycare worker was charged with cruelty and assault. 

Adnelly Moipard was arrested on Monday and has been charged with third-degree assault, risk of injury to a child and intentional cruelty to a child, according to the online docket.

Court documents say Moipard grabbed the child after the little girl shook a bookcase a couple of times and threw books around the room and at other children. 

She is accused of pulling the girl by her right arm, near her wrist and forearm. When the child dropped to her knees, Moipard pulled her off the floor by the right arm and dragged her to a chair, according to the arrest warrant application. 

The child was then seen wiping her eyes with her left sleeve and did not use her right arm for the rest of the day, according to police paperwork.

Moipard denied grabbing the child by her arm.

Officials from the Office of Early Childhood said they are investigating Kids Town LLL, at 835 Wolcott St. in Waterbury, after an employee was charged with child cruelty. 

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