Thea Digiammerino

Waterbury Holds Back to School Rally

The Waterbury Police Department and Police Activity League (PAL) are teamed up with the of Mayor Neil O'Leary, Waterbury’s Youth Services and the Waterbury Department of Education for a Back to School Rally.

Families began lining up at 8 a.m. to get their hands on the school supplies for the start of school next week.

The event looks to help children, families and the city ready by equipping kids with bookbags filled with pencils, paper and other necessities.

Olivia Dudley is one of the organizers for the Back to School Rally.

“Not only am I the organizer for this but I’m a Youth Service worker for Waterbury service,” said Dudley,. “Helping and impacting the community where I grew up means everything to me.”

The event marks the 22nd year the agencies have partnered together to help families prepare for a new year.

More than 51 vendors were all on hand to provide information about health care, after school programs.

Organizers say the back to school rally plays a major role in supporting families who working to pick up some last minute items.

Kathi Crowe is the executive director with Waterbury Youth Services.

“We can’t give the message loudly or often enough that education is critically important to our communities success and to all of these children success,” said Crowe. “We want our families to feel that support from us, we want the children to know that education and attendance is very important.”

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